Hot Flushes Menopause-Symptoms, Causes, Remedies

Hot Flushes Menopause

There are very few types of illness that are very common in one’s life especially in the case of a woman’s life. From teenage years to married life and to old age, women experience various types of sickness. These health issues normally come in every woman’s life.The  good thing about these health issues is that there are trusted cures as well. One of these issues is hot flushes menopause. Hot flushes menopause can be seen in women aged from 45 to 55. Depending on the geographical location, the average age can be different. Normally American women face this problem by the age of 50.

Hot Flushes Menopause
- Main symptoms of hot flushes menopause is that  you will experience intense hotness of the body and redness of various body parts especially redness of face. Another common symptom of hot flushes menopause is that you will start to perspire  plentiful like a basketball player or a marathon runner. Some proven studies show that there is no specific cause of hot flushes menopause but in fact it is a sign of the start of old age plus it is also considered as a sign of the end of your menstruating period and the end of child-bearing capability. This sickness phase is also a natural event that comes in almost every woman’s life and it should not be taken as very serious but should be taken care of.
Hot Flushes Menopause reduces the risk of breast cancer

Hot flushes menopause is also a blessing in terms of the fact that it reduces the risk of breast cancer. In fact according to some clinical studies, women who pass through the hot flushes menopause phase have much fewer chances of breast cancer. Different types of hormones play a significant role in our life and most of the times these hormones help us to remain healthy. Hot flushes during menopause has the ability of reducing estrogen and it is known that estrogen is the main cause of developing different levels of breast cancer.

Duration of hot flushes menopause vary from woman to woman. This varying length of hot flushes menopause can be from a  few seconds or minutes to a  couple of hours. Early mornings and late nights are the most common timings for this sickness when woman feel most uncomfortable. Nature created every woman differently and the transition period from regular periods to no periods at is different in every woman. Woman having slow transition will get a mild level of hot flushes menopause. On the  other hand when a woman’s body responds quickly and her transition period is faster, hot flushes menopause could also be of a severe kind. Women that adopt surgical option of removal of ovaries get more severe hot flushes menopause.
Things to avoid when you have Hot Flushes Menopause

There are a few important things that make hot flushes menopause severe. These include alcohol, caffeine, spicy & hot food, hot tubs & hot showers, hot weather & hot rooms, smoking and stress. It is very important to understand that hot flushes menopause is not a disease by any means but it is a major condition that leads to good health. This does not mean that you can completely ignore symptoms. It is better to check remedies that are most suitable for your body so can you go through this phase successfully.


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